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Foster PVD (physical vapor deposition) is the exclusive finish made in Foster obtained through a physical process, endowing stainless steel with special aesthetical features, and at the same time a resistance superior to that of any other treatment.

The Foster PVD Copper finish present on our 18/10 stainless steel sinks and hobs is a particular surface treatment that gives the sink original colors and shine as well as very high physical and mechanical characteristics such as:
  • Greater resistance to corrosion
  • Increased surface hardness, therefore greater scratch resistance
  • Reduction of the surface friction coefficient: a better water flow
  • High temperature resistance.

What makes Foster Copper PVD different

The difference lies in the combination of the quality of the basic raw material, AISI 304 steel, and the choice of precious metals that, after undergoing the sublimation process (Physical Vapor Deposition), physically melt with the surface layer of the steel, creating a protective crust of golden, metallic or copper color, depending on the metal powders used.

In fact, Foster PVD Gun Metal, Gold and Copper colors stand out for their unique shades. Foster has chosen to apply the PVD treatment on AISI 304 Satin and Vintage steel finishes. The surfaces of Foster products are all treated with special brushes made entirely of vegetable fibers that smooth the material without scratching it in depth. This aspect is fundamental in order to obtain surfaces that are extremely shiny and guarantee greater hygiene.