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High energy efficiency
The latest gas hobs are fitted with the innovative High Efficiency burners, which reduce gas consumption by up to 25% while offering up to 30% more power than the previous generation. The same criterion applies, for example, to new dishwashers, which offer an energy class up to A +++, to the wide range of hoods in class A+, to ovens and refrigerators in class up to A ++.


Exclusive finishes of steels
The renowned Foster finish gives the steel of each of our products a unique brilliance, which combines an unsurpassed aesthetic with the great ease of cleaning, ensuring a great durability. The ISO 9001 certification guarantees a careful management of all company processes, each one aimed at guaranteeing the customer the highest quality standard of the product.


High-level design
The love for art and the taste of beauty, which we breathe every day in our Palazzo Terranova in Brescello, with its frescoed rooms full of history, considered artistic and cultural heritage by the Superintendence for Cultural Heritage and FAI , naturally infused in all our products.
This is where the renowned elegance and refined design that distinguishes the Foster brand is born, and that has made it one of the most loved brands in the world by architects all over the world and by customers who appreciate beauty combined with functionality.


We reduce the energy footprint
Sustainability We reduce the energy footprint. At Foster we take the sustainability and environmental impact of our business very seriously. That’s why every day we design appliances that raise the standards of ergonomics, functionality and performance and we work to reduce the energy footprint of every single phase of the company’s activity.
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