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Finalmente bed and breakfast cooking station
Outdoor kitchen in AISI316 stainless steel
Worktop in AISI316 stainless steel with honeycomb aluminium support that gives great performance (flatness, lightness, rigidity, hydrolepellence), with integrated: 
  • Gas hob (3 burners in-line) high energy efficiency, model Foster Milanello 7680 000
  • Welded Foster Milano bowl 1011 050, 462x400 mm, 200 mm deep
  • Mixer tap Foster Twix Plus with extractible shower 8427 020
  • Foster Quadra soap dispenser 8520 000
  • Equipped channel with dishes’/glasses’ holder, collapsible socket holder (socket 230V 16A IP66, with flush integration and lid)
  • 2 round containers of different depth (for cutlery and bottles)
Front cabinet equipment
  • Under-mount refrigerator, class A+++, 39 litres
  • Waste-sorting system (4 containers) on telescopic guides
  • Compartment with door, extractible drawer for cutlery and stainless steel working shelf
Other equipment
  • Two openable side shelves (730x500 mm) to lengthen the worktop
  • AISI316 stainless steel lid to cover the entire kitchen, with anti-closing safety system
  • Adhesive blackboard
  • 4 lockable wheels for movement, 2 adjustable feet for stabilisation
  • 3 LED lights (normal lighting and with movement/light sensor), with rechargeable battery and USB connection
Lockable back compartment containing:
  • Electrical cabinet IP66, 32A, with Universal Schuko socket, 230V, 16A
  • Electrical mono-phase plug for wall connection, 230V 32A, IP66, for the electrical connection of the kitchen
  • Gas connection
  • Hot/cold water connection
Code product
Stainless steel AISI 316
Dimensions (open)
327 x 78 x (h)178 cm
Dimensions (closed)
185 x 78 x (h)115 cm
285 kg

Finalmente bed and breakfast cooking station

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