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Foster: No to bacteria!

Foster: No to bacteria!
Stainless steel has always been considered the most hygienic material. This is confirmed by its being used to manufacture the work surfaces of all professional environments in many sectors, from restaurants to hospitals and laboratories, in which the materials must also have a very high resistance to many different chemicals, apart from being easy to clean.   
Foster’s stainless steel is of the best quality, it is fully made in Italy, and complies to the most stringent standard norms. The types of steel we use are AISI304 and AISI316 (the latter is commonly known as “marine” steel, because it is used in the construction of boats and in general in marine environments). The peculiar Foster finish, so brilliant and elegant, is a guarantee of an even higher easiness of cleaning, thanks to the minimal surface rugosity. 
In a time when hygiene and cleanliness are so extremely important, to choose Foster’s stainless steel is to make the safest choice. 


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