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Foster Self Cooking

The Self Cooking function

The Self Cooking function
Foster creates products that aim to simplify daily gestures in the kitchen environment. Among the wide range of features offered by Foster appliances, the Self Cooking program allows you to set up a series of parameters that will allow you to save time and achieve the perfect cooking.

The Self Cooking function available on the Foster ovens’ range, offers the possibility to choose from an ample menu of recipes to make your creations special ones.

Thanks to the great temperature control and the heat probe, it is easy to quickly become a good chef; the intuitive and modern programming system allows one to recall a vast set of pre-programmed recipes, and to save customised ones.

Everything is easy


Forget all the usual settings such as temperature, cooking time, air speed or humidity, and also the continuous checks and regulations during cooking; with the Self Cooking function of Foster’s ovens, cooking will be easy as child’s play.

Everything is cooked in a completely automatic fashion, according to your instructions.


For a certain and repeatable result

The Recipes function of your oven gives you the possibility to cook without having to set the oven manually each time.

By selecting a “SET” recipe, the cooking mode, temperature and cooking time will be set automatically, based on the selected recipe.

To achieve perfection, one can at any moment alter the automatic setting and save the recipe among the “PERSONAL” ones, to ensure a result worthy of a true chef.

When the final result is the one wished for, you won’t have any trouble repeating it next time, just as we did with the little chocolate cake, our favourite.