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HappyHour in its new dimension

HappyHour in its new dimension
For those who live their kitchen with passion, Foster proposes HappyHour in its smaller version.
The HappyHour sink is now available also with size 1185x400 mm.


Much more than a sink

Much more than a sink
HappyHour is the sink that unites in a very harmonious and dynamic way the washing area and the space devoted to food preparation, thus guaranteeing a practical, smooth and constant workflow.

When one is working in the kitchen, the various accessories with which the sink can be equipped can slide along the bowl, while everything can disappear inside the sink once the work is done.
This is made possible by the triple layer of sliding steps.

Eco-friendly accessories...

Eco-friendly accessories...
With Happyhour Foster offers a range of accessories and complements that can be perfectly integrated with it and turn your kitchen into an example of coordinated and tailored design.
A large bamboo chopping board and a Black grid are supplied with the sink; they can be joined by the following kits:
  • spieces’ holders
  • bottles’ holders
  • knives’ holders
  • Steel bowls
  • Round bowl Ø 30 cm
All the accessories are made to slide on the sink’s steps, so that everything is always handy.

 ... and design complements

To exalt its unmistakable design, Foster offers for HappyHour in steel version the taps Milanello, Skin or Tube; for the PVD versions the proposal shifts towards the models Omega and Skin Gun Metal, for the Gun Metal HappyHour.

Moreover, Foster’s attention for detail is shown also in the waste-fitting, which is obviously automatic, and is offered in the different colours available in PVD. 

For that final personal touch, it is possible to choose different colour matchings between sink, waste-fitting and tap, in order to give a unique design effect to one’s kitchen.

Available finishes

Foster proposes the new HappyHour in brushed stainless steel and in PVD, in the colours Gun Metal, Gold and Copper.

The PVD treatment is an evolution of the vacuum deposition processes, which generates a thin metallic coating with aesthetical and technical innovative properties.

These are the features that this high-quality treatment confers to stainless steel:
  • Extreme hardness
  • Maximum resistance to corrosion
  • Insensitivity to light / UV rays
  • eco-compatibility
  • hypoallergenic




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