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Induction Cooktops

Induction Cooktops
Foster induction cooktops are made of glass ceramic and offer different built-in solutions that allow flush-mount or standard built-in installation depending on the machining of the worktop. Our induction cooktops stand out for their great versatility, precise and timely temperature control

The induction cooktops are equipped with safety systems feature the most modern and sophisticated safety protections: Centralised power-off function; Child-proof safety lock; Residual heat warning lights. Induction models feature the following functions: Safety System that turn off the hob in the absence of the pot; Overflow detector that automatically turns off the plate in case of liquid overflow; Automatic deactivation to prevent accidents caused by forgetfulness.

The induction cooktops are equipped with slider control allows for extremely quick temperature setting: with a light touch of the finger you may select the desired power level on the TOUCH display.

Induction Cooktops


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