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Learnign through cooking

Learnign through cooking
Good food, a glass of wine and the desire to discover Foster’s news.

In collaboration with Chef Gianni Brighenti, Foster appliances came to life during an evening at the Poros home.

For the occasion, the guests had the opportunity to touch and get to know more closely some of Foster’s appliances whose use is becoming more and more frequent.

The blast chiller and steam oven, which are becoming a must-have in our kitchens, are often used without their potential being fully exploited.

Therefore, during the evening and between courses, the diners were able to taste some unusual dishes such as orzotto in vasocottura, but also learn some functions of the appliances being used:

• Combined steam oven
• Blast chiller
• Induction hob with integrated hood
• Microwave oven

Furthermore, during the preparation of the dishes, the diners had the pleasure of personally checking out the practicality of the Milanello Workstation, the Foster sink made of AISI 304 stainless steeland equipped with a 3-levels sliding system, to use cutting boards, grids and various accessories useful when preparing in the kitchen.

There is a chef in all of us

Thanks to this initiative, Foster pursues the goal of ensuring that anyone can discover the chef who is hiding in them even when time is short.
With the right sagacity, cooking with style, lightness and taste has never been so simple and fun.