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black stainless steel sink

Built-in sinks in gunmetal black color

Thanks to the PVD finish it is possible to apply to our stainless steel sinks an extremely resistant color to graphics and chemicals in black color, the finish is analergic and makes the sink much more resistant than an untreated stainless steel sink

Foster has always invested in the search for new design solutions for stainless steel sinks.
One of Foster's last goals was the creation of a black stainless steel sink capable of personalizing the kitchen of your home.

Black stainless steel sinks are often found on the market with classic coloring methods that do not always guarantee sufficient residence and durability to resist abrasions and scratches.

For its range of stainless steel sinks in black color, Foster has chosen to use PVD technology capable of making the steel of the sink extremely hard and resistant to scratches and abrasions, ensuring a very high color retention against scratches and chemical agents.
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