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Black grids

Foster Black Grids

Foster Black Grids
Foster's Black Grids are designed to offer maximum flexibility in the kitchen. They are sliding, easy to use accessories that become a practical drainer for storing dishes and utensils. Functional and ingenious, they can be rotated by 90° and placed on the bottom of the bowl, ensuring a multitude of solutions.

Black Foster Grids are made of a special material with unique technical features. Designed to offer a functional and innovative solution, Black Foster Grids make your washing station special and functional.

Attention to detail, which has always distinguished Foster, led our designers to foresee special grooves between the slots of the Black Foster grids that prevent water from gushing onto the kitchen worktop, ensuring unparalleled practical functionality.


A material produced from 100% recycled paper and FSC® certified

A material produced from 100% recycled paper and FSC® certified
The material used for Foster's Black Grids is ecological and of a new generation, mainly used for eco-sustainable design.

The material selected for Foster's Black Grills is not only beautiful and natural, but also technologically advanced. In applications where high performance is essential, it reveals its best technical and performance qualities. It can withstand up to 180° without any surface changes, is 100% water-repellent, certified as suitable for contact with food, ecological and non-toxic (no formaldehyde residues, no VOC).

Its uniqueness derives essentially from its composition: it’s a composite material produced from 100% recycled paper and cardboard, FSC®-certified, impregnated with a pigmented resin obtained from the "pressing" of cashew nut shells and natural pigments.



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