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Transform your sink into a workstation

Transform your sink into a workstation
To choose a Foster sink, means to choose a washing solution which unites in an extremely harmonic and dynamic way, the washing area and the area dedicated to food preparation, ensuring a practical, smooth and constant workflow.

All the sinks can be supplied with chopping boards, small bowls, grids, drainers and colanders which enrich the look and functionality of the sink.

The sliding accessories of Foster sinks

The sliding accessories of Foster sinks
Space and time are more and more precious in the kitchen.

For this reason, Foster has developed integrated accessories’ systems that optimise each action, and take up the smallest space when not in use.

The best chopping boards for your sink

The best chopping boards for your sink
The Foster chopping boards are made of different materials, so as to best satisfy the needs of everybody.

The elegant crystal chopping board. An extremely hygienic accessory, adapted for instance to fillet fish, as it does not absorb odours. The material with which this accessory is made, certainly makes it pleasant to the eye. It can therefore be stored in plain sight in the kitchen, used as a food tray or, even better, as a centrepiece for appetizers, to give a touch of class to your table.

Iroko or walnut chopping board, eco-friendly and practical.  

Lastly, the HDPE chopping boards. These are the most commonly used in the kitchen because they are practical and easy to clean (they can be put in the dishwasher). They are made of polyethylene for food use, which thanks to its properties of hygiene and sturdiness, creates a practical workspace on the bowl.

For the chopping boards made of Iroko wood and HDPE, Foster has engineered the Twin model: chopping boards that become multi-functional space-saving systems. Indeed, they are meant to be used in combination with baskets, colanders and drainers.  

Get the perfect drainer with the Foster Black grids.

Get the perfect drainer with the Foster Black grids.
Available only for the models Milano, Milanello and Triploinvaso, the Black grids are the accessory you won’t be able to do without. According to their positioning within the sink’s recessed area, the Black grids can be used to wash, drain or else close the sink, transforming it into a perfect workstation. The sink instantly disappears when the grids are placed on the first step of the sink’s recessed area. Thus, the sink becomes a seamless work surface. For some models of the Milano collection, the seamless surface can be obtained only by using two grids and the walnut chopping board.

The grids can also be placed on the third step, that is on the bottom. This positioning has two functions. Firstly, that of drainer. Indeed, on it one can place cups, dishes and pots to drip, or fruits and vegetables. Secondly, a protective function for the bottom. By placing the grids on it, one can protect it from eventual scratches while washing the dishes.

A wealth of accessories...

A wealth of accessories...
Great functionality, eco-friendly materials and innumerable accessories… All this finds its synthesis in Happy Hour, the new functional centre by Foster.

Happy Hour is the maximum expression of the Foster accessories’ concept. Thanks to the infinite combinations of accessories…
  • Iroko wood chopping board
  • Walnut wood chopping board
  • Iroko wood Twin chopping board
  • HDPE chopping board
  • HDPE Twin chopping board
  • Crystal chopping board
  • Black grids
  • Dishes’ holder grid
  • Dishes’ holder basket
  • Stainless steel basket
  • Stainless steel drilled bowl
  • Steel colander
  • White colander
  • White bowl
  • Graters’ kit
… the Happy Hour bowl transforms into a flexible and complete workspace.

With Foster, everything you need is at your fingetips.

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