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Foster AISI 304

AISI 304

AISI 304
​​​​​Foster AISI 304 grade steel is an austenitic and non-magnetic stainless steel with a high chrome and nickel content which ensures exceptional strength and durability. AISI 304 grade steel is also known as 18/10 stainless steel (18% chrome and 10% nickel).
Foster has always carried out stringent quality controls on all the stainless steel both at the start and finish of every machining cycle. This attention to detail, typical of artisan workmanship, has always been the hallmark of Foster products.

Foster does not merely limit its focus on the type and quality of the steel, but also carefully selects the thickness to use. Foster chooses steel with a thickness that is normally 25% higher than its competitors. This allows Foster to obtain stronger, more robust products that are extremely long-lasting. 
(Foster sinks have a thickness that ranges from 16 gauge to 18 gauge)