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Steam oven, chiller blast and vacuum drawer

from professional world, three solutions that change the way you cook

For years, catering uses highly advanced technologies compared to domestic ones.
There is no Chef who has not provided tools for freezing dishes and raw materials, vacuum conditioners and specialized ovens that use the properties of steam for cooking food. From this derive better qualitative results, but also and above all a saving of materials, energy, time and a very different organization of work that allows to package in a short time complex dishes without compromise with taste and quality.
Foster is one of the first companies to offer these instruments also in the home.

Steam ovens

Steam Oven is a convection oven that uses steam instead of air as a means of transmitting heat to food. The advantages of steam cooking are many, in terms of genuineness and taste, health and product yield.
Foster offers different models. all of professional derivation, which allow you to choose between the simplicity of pure steam or the completeness of the combi S4001 model that uses steam and air convection together.

Cooling and freezing Respect for raw materials that makes the difference

The blast chiller is an indispensable machine in the professional field, the equivalent of the oven but to reduce temperatures, still little known in the home.
The blast chiller works in a wide range of temperatures, and allows two main processes that are very useful to improve food storage: the positive reduction, ie the fast cooling of food at temperatures close to zero, which allows food a better and longer shelf life, Negative felling or Freezing that allows micro-crystallization of the liquids contained in food, respecting the fibers of food.

The Foster machine allows professional performance, improved by a simple and intuitive programming and a unique set of additional features, designed specifically for domestic users.

Vacuum drawer much more than a conservation technique

The vacuum allows the rarefaction of the air, followed by a hermetic seal. This allows the extraction of oxygen, and blocking bacterial proliferation.
But the advantages of vacuum packaging are not limited to preservation. In cooking, thanks to the lack of dispersion of liquids and a greater control of temperatures, it allows a better uniformity and the possibility of working at lower temperatures thus preserving the most sensitive organoleptic components, colors and taste unaltered.
Foster’s vacuum allows professional results and great versatility in a very small footprint